SCHWEDEN - Tunaskolan Mariestad

Tunaholmsskolan is situated in the center of Mariestad, a town of about 24000 inhaitants in the southwest of Sweden.
Mariestad lies next to Lake Vänern, Sweden's biggest lake and is within easy access of the Vänern archipelago and the surrounding countryside.
Tunaholmsskolan has 335 students in grades 7-9 and the age of the students is from 12-16 years.
The school is divided into three sections, each with its own age group. This means that the school feels smaller than it actually is. Each year when we get our new students, they stay in the same part of school for three years.
The teachers are divided into three teams located in each part of the school. They will, as much as possible, work within their part of school.
On the whole, this means that our students have their teachers nearby all the time and that the teachers get to know their students very well during the three years our students go to our school.
As a consequence, the climate at school is very good as a whole.
Our catchment area is very diverse; both geographically, ethnically and from a socio- economic point of view.
Our students are from the town as well as the surrounding countryside which means that many students go to school by bus every day.
We also have many students who have come to Sweden as refugees or have parents who have immigrated to Sweden. As a result, we have an international perspective at school with many languages and cultures.
We also have a number of students from families with social and economic difficulties and work closely with the social services in the city.
On the whole, we are a very diverse school with a good climate and good results for our students.
We are hosting the third workshop.


Lars Runnquist