LITAUEN - Gymnasium Sirvintos

Širvintos where the Gymnasium operates is a small town at a distance of 50 kilometres from the capital Vilnius. Agriculture is the main branch of the district economy. Our school is the only gymnasium in the town. 481 pupils of different abilities and backgrounds learn at school. There are more than 100 pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and about 20 pupils with special needs who have difficulties in learning, psychological problems or minor mental defects. The teachers of the gymnasium are trying to find, create and use new methods of teaching which help to involve students in social life, to raise their interest in different cultures, foreign languages, new technologies and to develop their tolerance, creativity and eagerness to communicate. It has to be mentioned that the unemployment rate in our region is high. Projects like these enable students who come from families with lower economical status to travel abroad and practise their language skills.
We will implant a Comenius group which will work with the students on different themes. Our school will be responsible for collecting all data and material and prepare the evaluation together with the Dutch school. We will work together with the Austrian school in the "logo" competition and prepare the questionnaires and diaries for the workshops and evaluate them with the Greek and Italian schools.

Student group for the project


HEADMISTRESS: Audroné Buziené (back left)
COMENIUS COORDINATOR: Valda Maslinskiene (front left)