GRIECHENLAND - Gymnasium Kefalos

We are a small High School of 90 students between the ages of 13 and 15 years old, located in the remote village of Kefalos on the island of Kos, which is part of the Dodekanese complex.
Our school is part of the World Commission on Environment and Development and in the past year has come in 5th place nationally. Through this program we try to instigate our students` attitude towards saving energy environmentally and recycling. This is achieved through various activities in the open field: such as tree planting and  through the use of new technology like interactive boards in classes.
Most of our students come from low income families . Their parents are employed in hotels or at  the  island’s airport.  They  don’t  possess  the  money or the means to develop  their skills or talent  in arts, learning and athletics.
Many students   show signs of dyslexia and are not able to be helped educationally or economically by the government. They do however have a love for communication even in it’s   older  forms. Despite their involvement in technology they often  seek “face to face” meetings in  public places  . They take part in events (holidays and festivals) of the village, organize parties,  field  trips at the beach or mountains.
Unfortunately,  this  advantage of communication that our small Greek community offers  is also a disadvantage. It posses the danger of isolation of our children  in the narrow context of their village, without any contact with other cultures, habits and mentalities of other countries or villages of Europe. 
This is the reason we ask for our participation in the “project”: to communicate and at the same time present our ways of communication.
Our school is going to host the kick off meeting. The evaluation (internal and external) will be done and handed out to all partners.
We will also be responsible for the part of the "traditional communication" and prepare the "icebreaker" for the different workshops and meetings which will be communication by the means of dancing and music in this respect we will work together with the German school.


Chryssi Kokolaki