1st Workshop

from 03/09/2014 till 03/14/2014

In the context of the  COMENIUS – Project „Today – Tomorrow – Together“ pupils  took part in a workshop in Blansko, Czechia.
That week, from  9/3/2014 to 14/3/2014 was the first of three international workshops, two more will take place in Germany, in October 2014 and in Sweden, in March 2015.
One target of the project is to prepare our pupils to develop 21st century skills and to become more open minded in a united Europe.
Part 1 dealt with social and cultural awareness.
Who am I?
How do others see me and how do I see others?
How do I present myself?
In various presentations the students were able to practise the use of the foreign language.
The workshop included activities in the national groups, such as discussions, exercises, creation of posters, outfits, films etc. to make the students understand themselves better. They discussed their lifestyles and found out about the many similarities in their lifestyles but also differences that are based on cultural roots.
It was really „cool“!
I´m looking forward to the next workshops!
I found many new friends!
I spoke German, English and Italian – all at once!
We are all looking forward to meeting Italia, Greece, Lithuania, Czechia, Germany, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands again!

Austria in Blansko

Greece in Blansko

Sweden in Blansko

Italy in Blansko

Germany in Blansko

Lithuania in Blansko

Holland in Blansko